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What can I do with the Qeepsake mobile app?

Want an easier way to edit and expand on your child's journal and get the journal print ready?  Try out the Qeepsake mobile app today!


All you can do with the Qeepsake mobile app

1. Easily edit or expand upon past entries

2. Add or swap out photos

3. Add spontaneous memories with one click

4. Add earlier memories to your child's journal by backdating entries

5. Change your question frequency, delivery method or opt-into holiday questions 

6. Answer missed questions 

7. Upgrade your membership at any time


You'll still need to log in online to do the following (these features will be coming to the mobile app soon!):

1. Add a new journal

2. Delete a duplicate journal

3. Edit your child's gender

4. Turn on or off questions for a specific journal

5. Add a spouse