Qeepsake sends all types of questions, from traditional baby book type questions like height & weight to more creative questions. 

We strive to ensure that Qeepsake’s questions are as age-appropriate as possible for most parents. This means there are newborn-specific questions that you would never receive for your 5-yr-old. If you do receive a question that feels to be the wrong age range for your child, please check the date of birth for the journal. 

Admittedly, since every child develops at a different pace, Qeepsake’s questions may not always be relevant to every parent. If there are specific questions you think are off, feel free to email us at support@qeepsake.com and we’ll relay your feedback to the content team. 


Multiple children

If you have multiple children, Qeepsake will alternate questions between children. Example: if you on Qeepsake Plus (2 questions per day) with 4 journals, you would receive questions in this fashion:

  • Day-1: a question about child-1, then a question about child-2
  • Day-2: a question about child-3, then a question about child-4


Specific family questions

At this time, we don't offer questions that can only be asked for specific types of families, such as questions about adoption or special needs. However, we do plan on expanding to more opt-in questions shortly. 


Opt-in holiday questions

Qeepsake now offers questions for certain holidays. You will manually have to opt-in to receive the holiday questions.